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Portable Cabins For Work

Portable cabins – the perfect pop up work place.

Rooms To Move deliver portable cabins to businesses across Auckland (and beyond) for a multitude of reasons. We understand that businesses change, often quickly.  Different industries face different challenges and have varying needs.

Our portable cabins are easy to transport and set-up and can be deployed to metro or remote locations with ease.  Our open plan cabins allow for flexibility in layout, making them ideal if you need:

  • More room for your staff but aren’t quite ready to sign on for long-term commercial office space
  • A site office for a particular project
  • A lunch, training or first aid room
  • An office that can move between multiple locations
  • A showroom for a trade event
  • Temporary or portable staff accommodation
  • Extra storage
Please note that GST is payable on business hires. Special Terms & Conditions also apply.
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Portable Cabins For Work

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Why is a portable cabin right for your business?

  • They’re cost effective – low weekly rental fees and minimal costs to get established means your capital outlay is minimised.

  • They’re quick to deploy – quick delivery and set up minimises down time to your business.

  • They are scalable – flexible rental terms mean you can hire 1 portable room or 5 – and change as needed depending on your unique requirements.

  • They’re portable – making them ideal for offices that need to be moved from site to site or to enable you to have office infrastructure or accommodation in remote locations.

  • They’re flexible – 4 different sizes and our open plan layouts ensure you can set up your space exactly as you need it.

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We’re confident our portable cabins are some of the best available in Auckland. To see how we stack up simply click below, complete your details and we will be in touch.